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Fall Registration is in full swing here at Chosen Dance Academy for our dance classes in Lexington SC and we couldn’t be more excited! With so many great dance lessons to choose from why wouldn’t you be over the moon? We are excited to be welcoming new and returning dance students into our Pre-School Dance Classes, Our Recital Based Dance Lessons, as well as on our Dance Competition Team. From ballet, jazz, and hip-hop to tap, tumbling, and cheer we have something for every excited dance student!

But with all of these great options, it may be overwhelming to know which dance classes are right for your dancer. Don’t worry we have you covered! Below we have broken down each of our programs to help you know which dance classes will be best for your little dancer. Let’s get started!

1. The Dancing Nest Program

For Dancers Ages 2 - 6

The Dancing Nest Program is the perfect program for your beginner to intermediate pre-school dancer between the ages of 2 – 6 years old. The goal of this program is to teach students in a loving and nurturing environment while they are young which in turn will give them wings to soar when they are older. All classes focus on learning in a fun-filled age-appropriate way that instills confidence, teamwork, and creativity in our budding dancers.

Students can pick from one of our four levels of traditional combo style classes featuring ballet and tap to establish a solid base of proper dance technique. These classes are based on ages and are offered as Baby Birds (2-3 yr. olds), Bouncing Bluebirds (3-4 yr. olds), Jazzy Jaybirds (4-5 yr. olds), and Rocking Robins (5-6 yr. olds)

Alternatively, students can mix it up in our Grooving Grasshoppers class which features Jazz & Hip-Hop or the Moving Monkeys class for tumbling. All classes are taught lovingly to help your dancers have the best time getting ready for their year-end performance.


2. The Dance House Clubhouse

For Dancers Ages 6 - 12

Come to join our dance house clubhouse to see the excitement and happiness movement can create in your child! This program is for dancers age 6-12 looking to explore dance as a creative outlet. Students will learn the importance of teamwork and dedication all while developing their creativity and personal dance style. Classes are scheduled to give students maximum learning with minimal studio time leaving them open to explore additional interest as well.

One of the highlights of this program is the combination style classes. Traditionally older students must pick one dance style or spend extra hours at the studio to try different disciplines. Through our Dance House Clubhouse, students will learn a combination of dance styles within one 45 minute class period. Students can pick from our MOVE combo class (6-8 yr. olds) or TWIST combo class (9-12 yr. olds) which feature jazz and hip-hop dance styles. Alternatively, they can explore our exciting Cheer Dance Program that offers a mixture of jazz, cheer, and tumbling classes.


3. Classical Ballet Program

For Dancers Ages 6 - 18

Our Classical Ballet Program strives to uphold the wonderful tradition that is Classical Ballet all the while exposing our students to what is new and fresh in ballet training. Students will learn from the classical Vagonoava method with Russian and Balanchine influences. Students not only learn proper execution of steps but are also trained in the terminology, anatomy, and physiology of the art and are given age appropriate quizzes & worksheets to maximize the amount of knowledge that is retained. Ballet technique will help you to develop strong and clean lines in whatever dance style you decide you love. Barre, center work, and progressions are all used in developing a dancer with strong feet, long lifted lines, and gorgeous and correct posture.

Chosen Dance Academy offers classes for the beginner to the pre-professional ballet dancer in Levels 1-8, Pre-Pointe – Advanced Pointe, Partnering, and Variations work.


Register For Fall Dance Classes
Register For Fall Dance Classes
4. Acro Arts Program
For Dancers Ages 6 - 18

Our Acro Arts Program focuses on three fundamentals of acro: strength, flexibility, and floor gymnastics. Students learn Acrobatic tricks such as advanced rolls, handstands, cartwheels, chest stands, elbow stands, walkovers, limbers, side and front aerials, handsprings plus more advanced tumbling and partnering work. Acro Arts offers versatility and creativity for dancers young and old through our multi-level program. To excel in the Acro Arts program students must develop a good foundation of strength and flexibility which is all taught in our professional dance education syllabus.


5. Dance Competition Team
For Dancers Ages 4 - 18

The Chosen Dance Academy Performing Arts Company is a dance competition team unlike any other. We love helping our students find their passion through our dance competition team while promoting a family friendly and team building environment. Each student on the Performing Arts Company is important to us regardless of their team level and it is our mission to inspire their growth while nurturing their talents in a loving and encouraging program.

Through our program, students receive a structured dance education that is built on the foundation of classical dance technique and administered by professional dance educators. Our dance competition team programs have won numerous regional and national awards for program excellence, technique and performance value, and exceptional choreography all resulting in high acceptance rates and scholarships in collegiate dance programs. As we begin our 15th season, we are proud to have helped over 30 dancers continue their passion on a college level. We are the only studio offering a dance competition team of this caliber in the area. Want to know why? See what makes us different below.


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Come Dance With Us: Thank you for stopping in! We can’t wait to show you what we have to offer at Chosen Dance Academy. Dancing is our passion and we would love to share that passion with your child. We are proud to be offering excellence in dance education by promoting quality instruction in a fun & memorable environment. Since 2004, our family owned business has created exceptional dance classes for students in Lexington, South Carolina and the surrounding areas. We are dedicated to offering a safe and creative environment for your child to learn and grow. Take a minute to see what we have to offer. To register for classes, click here. And if you have any questions, our friendly staff would love to help. We can’t wait to see you dancing soon!

Much Love,

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