The Chosen Dance Academy Performing Arts Company is a dance performance team unlike any other. We love helping our students find their passion through dance while promoting a family friendly and team building environment. Our students receive a multi-performance experience while being a member of the team. Multiple stage shows, local performances, travel performances, competitions, and conventions help give our students a well-rounded dance team experience. Each student on the Performing Arts Company is important to us regardless of their team level and it is our mission to inspire their growth while nurturing their talents in a loving and encouraging program.

Through our program, students receive a structured dance education that is built on the foundation of classical dance technique and administered by professional dance educators. Our dance performance programs have won numerous regional and national awards for program excellence, technique and performance value, and exceptional choreography all resulting in high acceptance rates and scholarships in collegiate dance programs. As we begin our 16th season, we are proud to have helped over 30 dancers continue their passion on a college level. We are the only studio offering a dance performance team of this caliber in the area. Want to know why? See what makes us different below.

What Makes Our Dance Performance Team Different?

Check out these five reasons that make our dance team experience stand out from the crowd!
  • Education Based Experience

    Our Performing Arts Company students are taught from a professional dance syllabus based on the collegiate dance experience. Students measurable growth progresses year to year through our program learning more than just tricks for competition scores.

  • More Than A Trophy

    Student’s trained within our program are prepared for more than just a competition stage. It is our belief that student’s should be given proper technique classes from our tiny dancers to our most advanced. These classes build a core foundation of movement for our dancers preparing them for any future path they may choose. Numerous CDA graduates have continued their dance training on scholarship at the collegiate level.

  • Multi-Performance Experience

    What makes our team special is the multi-performance experience dancers receive. Students in our program perform in original productions, conventions, local performances, travel performances, competitions, and more. Most recently our travel team performed at Walt Disney World giving students the opportunity to broaden their horizons and experience more than just a competition stage. And all travel performances are are part of your all-inclusive fees making it affordable for families!

  • All-Inclusive Pricing

    It’s no secret that dance competition teams can have you constantly reaching for your wallet. But at Chosen Dance Academy, we offer all-inclusive pricing structures. This gives you an upfront monthly fee that includes EVERYTHING you need for a fabulous performance season with no hidden fees or extra monthly cost! Put your wallet away and just enjoy your year.

  • Family-Friendly Environment

    The CDA Performing Arts Company is proud to say that all of our dance team instructors have the firm belief that high quality instruction doesn’t require us to jeopardize the moral integrity or innocence of our students. These instructors share our core family centered values and carry those values through to every class they teach. We believe that music should be age appropriate, movements should be family-friendly, and costumes should be modest and age appropriate. We stage performances and attend competitions whose values match our own.

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Olivia Boatwright

CDA is like a second home to me!! After visiting multiple studios around the Lexington area, I found the perfect fit here. I would highly recommend this studio to anyone who is seeking the opportunity to begin dancing or someone who wants to continue to grow through dance. I have been dancing for an extremely long time but CDA has only allowed me to grow into the dancer I am today. I love love LOVE this place!!!

Erica Kensek

My daughter has been a student at CDA for 5 years now. I highly recommend their programs for children of all ages. We love our CDA family!


Lisa Majar

For our family CDA stands for Compassion, Dedication and Appreciation. The staff at Chosen Dance Academy teaches our dancers not just technical dance movements but teamwork and to enjoy the art of dance and each other. We are grateful to have been apart of the CDA family for the last 6 years. Looking forward to making many more happy memories with CDA!

Ashley McCartha

I couldn't imagine my daughter dancing anywhere but Chosen Dance Academy. We truly feel like family here. My daughter is receiving a top notch dance education and is also learning to be confident in other areas of her life. I am thankful for all the encouragement given by the staff and other students. I am looking forward to watching her grow and dance many more years with Chosen.

Performing Arts Company Members

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