8 Weird Things Every Dancer Needs In Their Dance Bag

8 Weird Things Every Dancer Needs In Their Dance Bag

Dancer’s stock their dance bags with tons of things every day. Water bottles, shoes, ear bud, plus much more. But have you ever thought of dental floss? Check out these 8 weird things every dancer needs in their dance bag. You would be surprised at how so many ordinary household items will help you out in a jam. Read them below and then be sure to grab them before you head out to dance class next!

1. Dental Floss

Oral hygiene is very important but that’s not why you may want to keep dental floss in your bag. Having some floss on you is perfect for when you’ve got pointe shoes to sew, hair ties that break, or leotards that are just a little too big. Grab the floss and save the day!

2. Hairspray

Falling hair, runs in tights, pointe shoe ribbons, slippery shoes…I mean let’s be honest. What can’t a superhero product like hairspray do? Yea, we agree, it can do it all!

3. Tennis Ball

No, we don’t want you to run to the court after class. But did you know that having a tennis ball close by can alleviate some of those pesky foot cramps after a long day in the studio. Just roll the ball on the bottom of your foot with gentle pressure to massage away the pain! It’s the perfect size.

4. Hand Sanitizer

Think for a minute about how many people stand at the ballet barre on a given day…now week…not year. And how often do you think these said barres are cleaned? Yea, I would just grab the hand sanitizer to be safe!

8 Weird Things Every Dancer Needs In Their Dance Bag
8 Weird Things Every Dancer Needs In Their Dance Bag
5. Screwdriver

Have you ever been in tap class when the horror of all horrors your tap is loose? Don’t stress! As long as you have a screwdriver, tap class can be saved!

6. Fabric Softener Sheets

We all have that “friend” at the studio who’s shoes will knock you over with a decaying sent. To keep you from being that friend, grab a few fabric softener sheets to throw into your shoes after class. They will absorb the stench and give you lovely feet each week.

7. Second Skin

Everyone needs a little extra skin in their dance bags. Sounds weird until you have a blister and then you are thanking your lucky starts you have it. Grab some at your local drugstore and next time you have a blister there will be no stopping you!

8. Deodorant

Ok, I’ll give you this isn’t that weird. But you would be surprised at the number of people who FORGET! Dance is a smelly sport and everyone knows when someone forgets. Don’t be that person!

So before you head out to class, be sure to grab these 8 Weird Things Every Dancer Needs In Their Dance Bag. You never know when an emergency will strike and you just might be glad that you did. Happy dancing friends!

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