5 Ways Dance Classes Improve School Performance

5 Ways Dance Classes Improve School Performance

School performance can be the deciding factor in so much of your child’s life. Student’s behavior and performance directly correlate to their ability to achieve long-term and ultimately can be the deciding factor in their post-graduate opportunities. Because of this fact, many parents are looking for a way to help boost their child’s school performance. Would you be surprised to learn that dance classes are an easy way to achieve this result? It’s true! Here are some tips on how dance classes can seriously improve your child’s school performance all while they have fun along the way.

1. Dance Classes Boost The Brain

Your child’s brain is a complex network of synapses that connect the brain to the body. Teaching those synapses to connect has an infinite ability to help your child think on a higher level. Taking dance classes of any kind strengthens the connection between synapses creating a faster output time. Continually working your brain in this manner makes you more intelligent, helping you make quick and accurate decisions. A study conducted by the College Board Data Analysis concluded that students who study the arts consistently have higher SAT scores. Connecting the kinesthetic, emotional and rational functions of the brain can lead to better functioning power, all of which you find in dance classes. You can actually dance your way to a smarter self!

2. Dance Classes Increase Memorization Skills

Dance technique is unique in that each step continually builds as you progress through your training. Students are not only required to remember each step, and the specific corrections given to them week after week, but they must also remember the precise details of how to perform the action and where each part of their body should be while doing the step. They must know exactly where the head should be while each arm is in a particular position all while moving the desired direction for each step. Dance classes enhance memory by training your brain to find paths that help access stored information. This type of memory training, beginning at a young age, goes a long way in boosting memorization and multi-tasking skills.

3. Dance Classes Promote Teamwork

Anyone that has taken dance classes knows how much team building is required to produce the desired result. You learn to be aware of others around you, help others, and communicate with others to ensure your performance is just right. Practicing these skills week after week helps students master the art of teamwork and their ability to positively work with those around them. Finding ways to work towards a productive end promotes community for young dancers. These skills will easily translate into the school classroom when students work on group projects as well as later in life in their career.

5 Ways Dance Classes Improve School Performance
5 Ways Dance Classes Improve School Performance
4. Dance Classes Increase Student’s Focus

With the advances in technology attracting our youth, teachers continually struggle with the attention span of students. Students are finding that once they are bored, they can move on to the next thing quickly. However, dance classes emphasize the long-held tradition of mastering the art form through detailed, focused activities. These activities train students to continue working on a project until it is completed. It is not uncommon for students to spend a year in a dance level just to repeat the same level working to perfect the material. This intense focus builds strong character in students teaching them to work on a project until it is mastered. Not just until they are bored with the activity. When they face that insurmountable task outside of the dance studio, they will then have the dedication to master it.

5. Dance Classes Teach Respect

It is every parent’s sincere hope that their child grows up to be a respectable member of society. This can be aided by enrolling your child in a dance class. Dance is rich in tradition that is passed down to each new generation. The philosophies of this art form are based on respect. Respect for your teachers and elders, respect for dress code, respect for time management, and respect for the conduct and rules of the classroom. Each child, from age 2 through 18, learn these traditions and the importance of carrying them into your everyday life. It is not uncommon to hear what good employees former dancers make! These traditions are at the heart of everything we do and translate into very respectful young students.

Dance Classes Are So Much More!

It is so easy to see the benefits of dance classes on the physical body. The exercise, muscle training, and movement are all excellent parts of the art form for children. However, taking dance classes can have positive impacts on students in the classroom as well as in their everyday lives. So before you dismiss those ballet classes as just exercise, take a moment to think about everything else your child is learning. You may be getting way more from those dance classes than you even realized!

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